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Truck chains

Tellefsdal specializes in snow chains and supply large quantities to the transport industry in the Nordic countries and North America


Our light chain NorTrac together with SuperTwist and Twist 8 meets all your requirements for a modern chain for truck and bus. You will always find a tellefsdalkjetting to suit your needs.


Tellefsdal truck chains get the same surface-hardening treatment of the boron steel as all other Tellefsdal products. With precision heat-treatment, the tread chain core remains tensile and the outside extremely durable.

We emphasize safety, fit and mobility




            STW- Enkel                           STW- Tett                         STW- Styre                   STW- Supertett                          STW - Twin



Twist 8:

          Tett                                  Supertett                              Styre







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